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D&D Attack Wing Elemental Evil Monthly Organized Play Series

Your adventures through the Forgotten Realms continue with the Elemental Evil Organized Play events. In these two ALL NEW campaigns your leadership skills will be put to the test. Command your legions against the dark forces at work to save Neverwinter.

OP Campaign Adventure #7: The Devastation Orb

It was a combination of good intelligence and good timing that allowed your legion to intercept and overcome the nihilistic forces of the Cult of the Eternal Flame, even as the cultists left the protection of their keep to unleash a devastation orb upon Neverwinter.

Just before their defeat, the fire cultists placed an enchantment upon the devastation orb, securing the deadly object to a pedestal in the midst of the battlefield. Just as you are trying to find a way to undo this powerful magic, another legion arrives hoping to claim the devastation orb for themselves. Whether this legion feels it can do a better job of disposing of the orb, or whether it secretly hopes to use the orb as a weapon against its enemies, you cannot tell for sure.

The devastation orb will unleash its fury at a random point in the not-too-distant future. With both sides anxious about this cataclysmic occurrence, tempers flare and threats are shouted. Soon both legions start ordering their troops to prepare for battle. Only one side will be able to claim the powerful object, or perhaps neither will!

OP Campaign Adventure #8: The Altar of the Elder Elemental Eye

Your legion has made use of brilliant strategy, cunning tactics, and teamwork to make it this deep into a well-defended cavern complex more vast and deadly than you could have imagined. Four evil elemental cults are working together to wreak devastation upon the world, and this is the center of their power!

With only minor losses, you’ve defeated one of the four prophets who lead the various cults, and have come to what you can only guess must be the central hub of the whole dungeon network. Here you find the altar of the Elder Elemental Eye, which is engraved with the symbols of all four elements. There, standing beside that altar, are two more of the infamous prophets, prompting you to wonder, even as you prepare for yet another deadly confrontation, where the last of them, the fourth, might be.

That question is answered quickly enough, as another force arrives through a passage similar to the one that brought you here, cheering the defeat of that fourth prophet. At first, you are eager to join forces with the other legion so that you won’t have to fight these last two prophets alone.

But then the altar itself seems to speak to you, pointing out to you that these other soldiers are your rivals, not your allies. If you don’t act quickly enough, the other legion may destroy you and steal all the glory for your victories. You don’t know why, but you feel oddly compelled to listen to this voice. It just seems to make so much sense…

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The D&D Attack Wing Elemental Evil Monthly OP events continue this July with two monthly campaigns featuring ALL New and UNIQUE content based on the Elemental Evil storyline. Players will battle head-to-head for the chance to win exclusive content only available at participating stores!


Elemental Evil Event 1:
D&D Attack Wing Elemental Evil Monthly OP Kit One includes:
1 Tournament Instruction/ Score Sheet here
1 Tournament Overview Sheet here
10 Commander Participation Prize Cards
10 Veterans Participation Prize Cards
10 Moment of Glory Participation Prize Cards
3 Earth Genasi Fighter Limited Edition Competitive Prizes


Elemental Evil Event 2:
D&D Attack Wing Elemental Evil Monthly OP Kit Two includes:
1 Tournament Instruction/ Score Sheet here
1 Tournament Overview Sheet here
10 War Caster Participation Prize Cards
10 Spell Sniper Participation Prize Cards
10 Spell Sniper Participation Prize Token Sheets
3 Air Elemental Limited Edition Competitive Prizes
5 Altar Token Map Elements

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