Welcome Star Trek: Attack Wing Fans!

Since the inception of the new rulebook we’ve paid great attention to the buzz amongst the community and the feedback our play-testers have given us. More frequently than anything else, we often hear about Warp Jump-like effects as well as stealing cards.

For those of you not familiar with Warp Jump-like effects, they allow you to remove your ship from the play area and place it back either immediately or at a later time. With strategic planning, a skilled player can both negate the positioning aspect of Star Trek: Attack Wing and completely avoid combat while forcing opposing ships to maneuver through Cloaked Mines. Both of these things are bad in a dogfighting game that’s built around combat and maneuvering. Furthermore, the way in which scoring for stolen cards works in conjunction with Warp Jump-like effects means a player can steal cards from a ship, earn points for them, then avoid combat for the rest of the game. By using this tactic via Warp Jump-like effects, they ultimately win with the handful of points they got from stealing a card. This is a problem that goes against the spirit of the game.

Today, we’re going to do something about both Warp Jump-like effects and stealing. While looking for an appropriate solution to these problems, we looked at multiple solutions such as making all Warp Jump-like effects unique or making it so that stolen cards don’t reward points to anyone. After discussing and testing we found that some of these solutions were too much and others were not enough. Ultimately, we settled on the below solutions.

From this day forward, all cards that grant Warp Jump-like effects are now banned from tournament play. A Warp Jump-like effect is any effect which removes a ship from the play area and then places it in the play area in a different position either immediately or at a later time. This DOES NOT include docking and launching shuttlecrafts because docking and launching are two separate abilities. Below is a current list of cards that are now disallowed in tournaments:

  • Warp Jump
  • Quantum Slipstream Drive
  • Fluidic Space
  • Spatial Distortion
  • Quantum Singularity
  • Subspace Vortex
  • Inversion Wave

In regards to stealing, we are now treating it like discarding for the purposes of scoring. Now, instead of points being scored per card stolen, any card that is stolen, assimilated, discarded, removed from play, or otherwise removed from a ship will only be scored by the opposing player once that ship is destroyed. This means that if you steal my Mr. Spock Crew Upgrade from my U.S.S. Enterprise, you WILL NOT earn points for him until the U.S.S. Enterprise he was previously equipped to is destroyed.

We truly appreciate all of the constructive criticism and patience we’ve received from all of our fans. We’re very dedicated to making Star Trek: Attack Wing the best that it can be so please continue to let us know how YOU, the fans, think we can make Star Trek: Attack Wing better and better!

Live Long and Prosper,

-The WizKids Team