WizKids is excited to announce the second wave of the popular Card Packs for Star Trek: Attack Wing, releasing in January 2018. Card Packs focus on a particular ship and contain fun thematic cards with a new, efficient point-cost system that will add a new level of depth and excitement to gameplay. In addition, the new formatting and iconography for cards will now allow players to easily identify game effects such as triggers, durations, range, and firing arc.

This time, Ferengi and Borg ships are the focus of the Card Packs in wave two.

The first Card Pack we will examine focuses on the Ferengi D’kora Class ship.

Let’s take a deeper look at some exclusive previews from the D’kora Class Card Pack starting with the Ferengi Starship. 

The Ferengi Starship is a generic D’kora Class ship that has a 3 Primary Weapon Value, 1 Agility, 4 Hull, and 2 Shields for 16 SP. The Action Bar contains the Target Lock, Scan, and Evade Actions. The Upgrade Bar allows for you to customize your ship by adding 1 Tech Upgrade, 1 Weapon Upgrade and 1 Crew Upgrade. Long time players of Star Trek Attack Wing will notice the deep discount on this ship. Who better than the Ferengi to bring you such a reliable ship at such a low cost?

Arridor is a new addition to the Ferengi Crew. As an Action you may disable this card and the equipped Captain in order to target a Crew Upgrade equipped to a ship within Range 1. Place a number of Time Tokens equal to the Captain Skill of the Captain equipped to this ship -2 on the target Crew Upgrade. For 3 SP Arridor can threaten to disable another crewmember for the entire game, which can surely derail your opponent’s plans. 

In the great Ferengi tradition, if money is the object of your desire, look no further than Kol. During the End Phase if there are no opposing ships within Range 1-2, discard this card. Place 1 Gold-Pressed Latinum Token (GPLT) on the Captain equipped to this ship. Since everything in Ferengi culture revolves around money, the concept of Gold-Pressed Latinum has been added to the game. This new mechanic will allow you to accumulate and then spend your Gold-Pressed Latinum on various special abilities and card effects.  Kol is the first of many cards that will provide a way to generate these valuable tokens.

Missile Launchers are a good example of how the new formatting and iconography make cards easier to understand and play than ever before. This familiar weapon can be disabled to make 2 attacks against ship(s) in your primary firing arc, rolling 2 attack dice per attack. Any Critical Hit results deal damage to the defending ship’s Hull. The cards new language clarifies how this card works while the new icons easily demonstrate the range and firing arc of this weapon.

Once you acquire money, why not spend it on some new technology? The Ferengi surely must have followed this advice when they obtained Metaphasic Shields. This new Tech Upgrade increases this ship’s Shield Value by 1. You must discard this card if you have no Active Shields. When this ship overlaps an obstacle, this ship does not lose its Action, but it may only perform a Non-Free Action listed on its Action Bar. While it’s not cheap at 4 SP, an extra Shield and the ability to prevent losing an action when you hit an obstacle just might be worth it. After all, what good is making money if you can’t enjoy spending it?

Maybe you prefer brute strength over money and manipulation? If so, perhaps the Borg Octahedron Card Pack is more your speed. The Borg Octahedron Card Pack is also part of Wave 2 and chock full of powerful Borg Upgrades.

The Borg are fearsome opponents due to their ability to overwhelm and assimilate their foes. The first Borg Upgrade we preview is a fine example of the kind of raw strength found in the Borg. Tactical Drone provides 6 Drone Tokens that are used as your Captain Skill during the game. If an opposing ship is within Range 1-2 during the Combat Phase you may spend 1 Drone Token to place a Battle Stations Token beside this ship. Since the Borg don’t typically have access to the Battle Stations Action using Tactical Drone is a cheap and effective way to bring this action to the already powerful Borg. 

The Borg are always ready to adapt to the situation. This ability is reflected in ‘Second’, a Borg Crew Upgrade that allows you to discard your Captain in exchange for the ability to perform a Free Action. Then, use this card as your Captain and place 4 Drone Tokens on this card. For 4 SP you can remove a Captain like Tactical Drone who has spent all his Drone Tokens and still get a Free Action plus a new Captain with 4 Drone Tokens. Now that’s what I call a backup plan!

The Borg are also formidable opponents due to the high Hull and Shield Values typically found on Borg Ships. One is a crew upgrade that seeks to exploit high Shield Values. When One’s ability is triggered, for each damage this ship suffers this game round, disable 1 of its Active Shields instead of destroying it. If this ship has no Active Shields, damage is applied normally. If you can survive the game round your shields will re-enable and be available for the next game round making the Borg very difficult to deal with.

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” These words strike fear into the hearts of all who hear them. This threat is carried out in part by Tractor Beam, now a Borg Weapon that gives you the option of dealing damage or stealing Upgrades from your opponent. The Attack Value of this Weapon is equal to your ship’s Primary Weapon Value. As an Attack, you may discard this card and target an opposing ship within Range 1-2. For each Critical Hit that would deal damage to the defending ship’s Hull, you may instead steal 1 Tech Upgrade or 1 Crew Upgrade from the defending ship ignoring this ship’s restrictions. For 5 SP you can now deal damage and steal upgrades at the same time demonstrating why the Borg are best to be avoided at all costs!

Finally, Threat Analysis is a Borg Upgrade that, for only 1 SP, brings yet another way for the Borg to gain Battle Station Tokens. As an Action you may place two Time Tokens on this card to place a Battle Stations Token beside this ship. The Borg are always a threat and this Upgrade demonstrates that by allowing the Borg to convert any Battle Stations results on their attack dice into Hit results.


The Wave 2 Card Packs bring fresh new and exciting content to Star Trek: Attack Wing with new formatting and iconography that will streamline and improve gameplay. Players will enjoy these thematic packs and enjoy finding new and creative ways to build powerful fleets of ships to achieve victory.

Contact your local friendly game store to let them know that you want to order the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 2 Card Packs. All this exciting content and more is included in each Card Pack for the low MSRP of $9.99!  Be sure reserve your packs today and keep an eye out for other new products coming soon!

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