This January WizKids/NECA will launch the third chapter of a three-part Storyline Organized Play event based on the Klingon Civil War as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The third and final month of the Star Trek: Attack Wing – Klingon Civil War is entitled, Baiting the Romulans.

The Romulans have secretly been involved in the Klingon Civil War, lending aid to the House of Duras in their battle against the forces of Gowron. A plan has been devised to draw them out into the open and a tachyon detection grid has been set up that will reveal any cloaked ships that enter the sector. Can you draw out and defeat the Romulan ships?


Players set up normally using the Standard 2-Player Rules with the following exceptions:

  • If a player has more than one Romulan ship in his/her fleet, all of that player’s Romulan ships must be set up within Range 1 of another Romulan ship.
  • All of the player’s non-Romulan ships must be set up on one side or the other of that player’s Romulan ships.


Klingon Fleet- Each player must include at least 1 Klingon Card (Ship, Captain, Admiral or Upgrade) in his/her fleet. Every ship in a player’s fleet costs -2 SP if that ship is either: 1) A Klingon ship or 2) A non-Klingon ship with at least one Klingon Card assigned to it.

Romulan Alliance – Each fleet must include at least one Romulan ship with the [Cloak] Icon on its Action Bar. All Romulan ships that have the [Cloak] Icon on their Action Bar cost -2 SP and begin the game already Cloaked. In addition, when these Romulan ships are Cloaked, they may: 1) Use a 1 or 2 [Bank] maneuver templates when using the [Sensor Echo] Action AND/OR 2) Roll +1 defense die during the Roll Defense Dice step. Each time one of these ships uses either of these abilities, place an Auxiliary Power Token beside that ship. Place a Mission Token beside your Ship Cards when using either of these abilities, with a maximum of 1 Mission Token per ship, per round.

Tachyon Detection Grid- A ship that has the [Scan] Action on its Action Bar may use the following Action:

Action: Target a Cloaked ship within Range 1-2 of your ship. If that ship’s [Cloak] token is green, flip it over to its red side. If that ship is a Romulan ship, it rolls -2 defense dice during the next Combat Phase. Place a [Scan] Token and an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship.

Place a Mission Token beside your Ship Cards when using this Action. A ship that does not have the [Scan] Action on its Action Bar may use the [Scan] Action as its Standard Action, but must place an Auxiliary Power Token beside it when doing so.


The game ends when one player is eliminated or when the time limit is called.

At the end of the game, each player gains +5 Fleet Points for every Mission Token that is beside his/her Ship Cards.

Every player who shows up and plays in this event gets a resource as a participation prize. The resource for month three is All Stop. This resource costs 5 SP and requires you to place 5 Mission Tokens on top of this card. Each round, during the Activation Phase, one ship in your fleet may disregard its chosen maneuver and not move. A ship that uses this ability must skip its Perform Action step. If you use the ability, remove one Mission Token from this card and place it back in the supply. Discard this card when there are no more Mission Tokens on this card. All Stop is an insurance policy against getting out maneuvered. Although it will cost you your Perform Action step, it may be worth it if you are about to fly out of range or arc of your target. Similarly, All Stop can be used to prevent you from flying straight into your enemy’s crosshairs.

If you win the scenario, Baiting the Romulans, or you get the fellowship award, you will go home with the I.K.S. Toral prize card pack. The I.K.S. Toral is a B’rel Class ship that gains one Shield and one Tech Upgrade slot compared to the generic version. The special ability on this ship allows you to roll +2 defense dice if you are not Cloaked. If you do so, place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. Cloaked or not, the I.K.S. Toral is going to be rolling at least 3 green defense dice, making it a very nimble ship that will be hard to damage. For the cost, the I.K.S. Toral might be the best B’rel Class ship out there.

The exciting conclusion of the Klingon Civil War brings us the long-awaited debut of Lursa and B’etor, the Duras sisters. Lursa is a Skill level 4 Captain. If you choose Lursa as your Captain, you may perform a [Cloak] or a [Sensor Echo] Action as a free Action (if your ship has the appropriate Action on its Action Bar).

B’etor is also a Skill level 4 Captain. When Lursa is the Captain of your ship, you may fill one of your [Crew] Upgrade slots with this card and gain +4 to your Captain Skill. If you choose B’etor as your Captain, a friendly ship within Range 1-2 of your ship may use the Action or ability on your [Elite Talent] Upgrade as if it were assigned to that ship. While similar, each Duras sister has her own benefits to bring to the battlefield. Best fielded in unison to gain a +4 to Captain Skill, the Duras sisters are the best at what they do, manipulate and destroy.

Enemy of the Empire is an Elite Talent Upgrade that allows you to punish your foes with an extra +1 attack die during the Roll Attack Dice step. If the defending ship is a Klingon ship or a ship with a Klingon Captain or Upgrade assigned to it, disable this card instead of discarding it.

Interrogation is another Elite Talent Upgrade that focuses on adding attack dice to your attacks. You may discard this card when attacking to gain a number of attack dice equal to 1 plus the number of Upgrades on the defending ship (max +3). This Upgrade may only be fielded by a Klingon Captain assigned to a Klingon ship. Used to maximum effect, +3 attack dice for 5 SP, is a bargain! Let your Klingon rage power your attacks and claim victory for the Empire!

Kulge is the Crew Upgrade in this Prize Pack. You may discard Kulge as an Action to disable your Captain Card and place a [Battle Stations] Token beside your ship. While your Captain Card is disabled, your Captain Skill is “0” and your ship may perform the [Battle Stations] Action as if it were on your Action Bar. Best used on cheap low skill level, Captain Kulge can give a Klingon ship the one thing they usually lack, the Battle Stations Action.

Aft Shields is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to cancel up to 2 [hit] or [critical hit] results if you are not Cloaked and defending from a ship not in your forward firing arc. If you do so, place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. Aft Shields is great protection against attacks you didn’t anticipate that are outside of your firing arc because you won’t be able to return fire, so cancelling some of the incoming damage is a nice trick.

Upon the conclusion of Baiting the Romulans, the player who has the highest total battle points over all three months of the Klingon Civil War will win the Grand Prize Pack, Sela’s Warbird.

Sela’s Warbird is a D’Deridex ship. This classic D’Deridex warship features the new premium metallic paint job as seen in recent repaint expansion packs. The named version of the ship has one extra shield and one additional Tech Upgrade slot, while trading a Weapon Upgrade slot for a second Crew Upgrade slot compared to the generic version. If Cloaked and performs a [Sensor Echo] Action, Sela’s Warbird may flip its [Cloak] Token over to the red side and immediately perform an additional [Sensor Echo] Action as a free action. The ability to use two sensor echo actions in one turn makes this ship highly maneuverable. Drawing from the vast catalog of Romulan Upgrades, Sela’s Warbird is sure to be a force to be reckoned with.

None other than Sela herself appears in this Prize Pack to lead the battle as either a Skill Level 7 Captain or an Admiral. Regardless of which version you choose, Sela can prevent an attacking ship from using a [Scan] Token that is beside it. Sela also prevents that same ship from spending a [Battle Stations] Token that is beside it against your ship.

The other Captain option in this Prize Pack is Movar. During the Gather Forces step, you may switch one of your Crew, Tech, or Weapon Upgrade slots on your ship for a Crew, Tech, Weapon, or Elite Talent Upgrade slot. As a Skill Level 5, Captain Movar allows you the freedom to switch around the Upgrade slots on your ship. With a little bit of imagination and experimentation, Movar can easily become a valuable asset to your fleet.

Klingon-Romulan Alliance is an Elite Talent Upgrade that will help your defense by re-rolling any number of defense dice. In order to use this upgrade, your ship must be within Range 1-2 of a friendly Klingon or Romulan ship. Discard this card to re-roll any number of defense dice. This card may only be fielded by a Klingon or Romulan Captain assigned to a Klingon or Romulan ship.

Reverse Course is the other Elite Talent in this Prize Pack. During the Activation Phase, you may disregard the chosen maneuver and execute a Full Astern Maneuver with a speed of 1 or 2 instead. As Federation players know, Full Astern Maneuvers can be a very valuable tool, and now the Romulans add another way for their own ships to unexpectedly move backwards.

Tokath is the Crew Upgrade for this Prize Pack, and for only 2 SP, he can remove 2 Disabled Upgrade Tokens from your other Upgrades as an Action. Never fear having to wait for your upgrades to re-enable while Tokath is around. For one action you can re-enable two upgrades and get back into the game with full power.

Finally Tachyon Pulse is the Tech Upgrade and the last upgrade card in this Prize Pack. When defending, you may disable this card to roll +1 defense die (+2 defense dice if the attacking ship has a [Scan] Token beside it). Romulans (and Klingons) love to Cloak. Smart players use the Scan action to decrease the defense bonus against Cloaked ships. Now, with Tachyon Pulse, your Cloaked ships are a little safer, especially against Scan Tokens.

Month Three of the Klingon Civil War is sure to be a popular event due to the amazing prize cards and first appearances of fan favorites like Lursa, B’etor and Sela. With all these great prizes up for grabs, you will want to make sure you reserve your spot for this event early by contacting your nearest local game store. Build your best fleet and test your skill and cunning against other players to see who truly deserves the title of champion.

Visit WizKids/NECA at for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing  or go to the WizKids Info Network to find a local game store that is running the Star Trek: Attack Wing – the Klingon Civil War Storyline Organized Play event series at

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