Return to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth with the U.S.S. Lakota in the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Blind Booster Pack.

This October Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Events will feature a series of ten blind reinforcement boosters to be used during events held over the next year. To prepare you for what you will find inside these blind boosters let’s take an in-depth look at the ships, concluding with the Excelsior Class, U.S.S. Laktoa.

Named after a Native American Tribe the U.S.S. Lakota is a refit of an Excelsior Class ship. The Lakota adds one extra Shield and one extra Weapon Upgrade slot compared to the generic ship. The special ability on the Lakota allows you to covert 1 hit result into a critical hit result. If you do so, you must also place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. Erika Benteen was promoted to Captain of the U.S.S. Lakota as part of a plot to destroy the U.S.S. Defiant. When Erika Benteen failed to disable the Defiant, Benjamin Sisko was able to persuade her to defy her orders and not fire their compliment of Quantum Torpedoes, thus saving the Defiant. Erika Benteen is skill level 4 with an Elite Talent Upgrade slot, her special ability is an action that allows you to disable this card and all of your Weapon Upgrade cards to target a ship at Range 1-3. Your ship cannot attack the target ship and that ship cannot attack your ship this round. Defy Orders is a thematic Elite Talent Upgrade that allows you to perform an additional green or white maneuver if you have an enemy ship in your forward firing arc. Additionally, you cannot attack during the round you use this ability.

To keep things balanced most ships in the blind reinforcement booster packs come with one Elite Talent, one Crew Upgrade, one Tech Upgrade and one Weapon Upgrade. Tuvok appears in this blind booster pack as the Crew Upgrade. You may discard Tuvok at any time to perform a Scan Action as a free action. Micro Power Relays is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to either, repair 1 non-critical damage to your hull, or flip over all critical damage cards assigned to your ship. Finally, Upgraded Phasers is a Weapon Upgrade that adds +1 attack die to your primary weapon value. If you hit an Attack Squadron, you may immediately make a second attack against the same target. Upgraded Phasers is restricted to ships with a primary weapon value of 3 or less. You must also pay a penalty if this upgrade is purchased for a non-Federation ship. Due to the popular nature of Attack Squadrons you can expect to see Upgraded Phasers as a cheap and effective counter strategy.

Players will enjoy this blind booster because it expands on the Federation Faction, with new upgrades and provides powerful options for fleet building in the future. Specifically, the new silver paint job on this model as well as the plethora of Federation upgrades will ensure that everyone will want to add this blind booster to their collection. Set a course for your favorite venue starting in October to be the first to collect all ten of these exciting blind boosters. Engage, warp factor ten!

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