Learn the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition with the Nunk’s Marauder in the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Blind Booster Pack.

This October Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Events will feature a series of ten blind reinforcement boosters to be used during events held over the next year. To prepare you for what you will find inside these blind boosters let’s take an in-depth look at the ships, continuing with the D’Kora Class, Nunk’s Marauder.

Nunk’s Marauder is typical D’Kora class ship that gives you an extra shield and an extra Weapon Upgrade slot compared to the generic version of this ship. The special ability on the Nunk’s Marauder however, allows you to perform a Scan Action as a free action if you also place an Auxiliary Power Token next to your ship. Action economy is something you always want to see in a ship and its upgrades. The Nunk’s Marauder gives you a free Scan allowing you to Evade or Target Lock as needed. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition # 155: What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine too.

Nunk himself, crafty and devious, allows you to perform a Battle Stations Action as a free action if an opposing ship within Range 1-3 has a Scan Token beside it. When combined with the named ships special ability you can potentially Scan, Battle Stations and Target Lock all in one turn. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #242: More is good, all is better. Thematic to Nunk’s plans for kidnapping Seven of Nine, the Elite Upgrade Kidnap is an action that allows you to disable all of your remaining Shields to target a ship at Range 1-2 that is not cloaked and has no Active Shields. Discard Kidnap to steal 1 Crew Upgrade on the target ship. Fergengi Rule of Acquisition #14: Anything stolen is pure profit.

To keep things balanced most ships in the blind reinforcement booster packs come with one Elite Talent, one Crew Upgrade, one Tech Upgrade and one Weapon Upgrade. Omag, the Ferengi weapons trader, is the Crew in this blind booster pack. He can be used between phases to remove a Disabled Upgrade Token from 1 of your Weapon Upgrades if you discard this card, or when attacking you may discard Omag to target a ship at Range 1-3 and fire that ships weapon as if it were on your ship. The weapon must be non-Borg with a printed cost of 4 or less. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #101: Never do something you can make someone else do for you. Weapon Ports is a game changing Weapon Upgrade that will make you think twice before adding an Attack Squadron to your fleet. Weapon Ports is a 4 die attack at Range 1-3. If you hit an Attack Squadron with this attack, discard 1 Attack Squadron Token for each uncanceled Hit or Critical Hit result (max 3). This upgrade would also be a very good target for Omag when your opponent is also playing Attack Squadrons. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition # 80: If it works, sell it. If it works well, sell it for more. The Tech Upgrade for this blind booster pack is Geodesic Pulse. Providing protection against losing your action for overlapping another ship and being damaged from obstacles, Geodesic Pulse is an action that allows you to immediately perform an additional maneuver with a speed of 2 or less. You cannot attack this round. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #175: When everything else fails, run!

Players will enjoy this blind booster because it expands on the Ferengi Faction, with new upgrades and provides powerful options for fleet building in the future. Specifically, Anti-Squadron Upgrades like Weapon Ports will make this blind booster a must have for all players.

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