Fight for Bajoran independence with the Interceptor 8 in the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Blind Booster Pack.

This October Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Events will feature a series of ten blind reinforcement boosters to be used during events held over the next year. To prepare you for what you will find inside these blind boosters, let’s take an in depth look at the ships, continuing with the Bajoran Interceptor 8.

The Interceptor 8 is a small Bajoran ship designed to be quick and agile. The Interceptor 8 gains the Scan Action, as well as a Crew slot on the upgrade bar compared to a standard Interceptor. The special ability for the Interceptor 8 allows you to add +1 attack die if your ship is not in the target ship’s front firing arc. The Bajoran military is not to be taken lightly, despite the size of its ships. Shakaar Edon provides proof of this concept by allowing you to re-roll all of your blank results when attacking. In addition, Pursuit is the Elite Talent Upgrade in this blind booster that allows you to add +2 attack dice when attacking a ship that you already have target locked.

To keep things balanced, most ships in the blind reinforcement booster packs come with one Elite Talent, one Crew Upgrade, one Tech Upgrade and one Weapon Upgrade. Popular fan favorite, Ro Laren is the Crew Upgrade in this blind booster. Ro Laren allows you to discard this card to roll +2 attack dice for that attack. Also, if your ship is Bajoran you can re-roll all of your Battle Stations results for that attack.

Ro Laren completes a trilogy of upgrades and abilities that add to your attack dice. Using all 3 abilities, the Interceptor 8 can roll an impressive 7 die alpha strike if you plan everything out perfectly. Using Shakaar Edon you can re-roll all your blanks and Ro Laren will allow you to re-roll any Battle Stations results (if you didn’t already take the Battle Stations action).

Navigational Sensors is the Tech Upgrade for this pack that will help you maneuver into that perfect alpha strike position, or help you escape after you have just executed your big attack. Navigational Sensors allows you to discard this card to perform an additional maneuver after performing a Come About Maneuver. Finally, the Weapon upgrade for this pack is Phaser Strike. Phaser Strike allows you to take an action to attack as if you had a Captain Skill of “10”. When attacking you may disable this card to perform a 4 die attack at range 1-3. If you choose to use Phaser Strike as part of your alpha strike, you can use all the other upgrades and abilities in this pack to get up to an impressive 9 attack dice! This type of devastating attack is enough to rival any other faction, and will ensure that all others stop and take notice of the Interceptor 8.

Players will enjoy this blind booster, because it expands on the Bajoran Faction with new upgrades and provides powerful options for fleet building in the future. Specifically, the new pearlescent paint job on this ship will make players want to get this blind booster for the model alone. Additionally, this little ship, while fragile, can pack a very large punch. The Bajorans know how to move quickly and strike hard.

The Interceptor 8 brings a lot to the table in a tiny package, so you will want to add it to your collection today.

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