Prepare for the Klingon Right of Succession with the I.K.S. Buruk in the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Reinforcement Booster Brick.

This October Star Trek : Attack Wing Organized Play Events will feature a series of ten blind reinforcement boosters to be used during events held over the next year. To prepare you for what you will find inside these blind boosters let’s take an in depth look at the ships, continuing with the K’Vort Class, I.K.S. Buruk.

The I.K.S. Buruk is known historically as the Klingon vessel that transported Gowron to the Right of Succession held upon the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. As a K’Vort Class Vessel the I.K.S. Buruk has Evade, Target Lock, Cloak and Sensor Echo actions on its Action Bar, along with one extra Shield and one extra Weapon Upgrade slot, compared to the generic version. When defending, the I.K.S. Buruk has a special ability that allows you to roll +1 attack die if you are not cloaked and there is a friendly ship within Range 1-2. Afterwards, you must place an Auxiliary Power Token next to your ship. Duras, Gowron’s challenger for the Klingon Throne, is the Captain in this blind booster pack. Duras, a skill level 6 Captain, allows you to gain +1 attack die for each Upgrade on the ship you discard during this attack. This card has the potential to do a lot of damage if you can find a number of low cost upgrades. Dishonorable Tactics will help to make sure that the attack dice you roll yield as many hit results as possible by allowing you to re-roll your attack dice. If you disable an upgrade on a friendly ship, Dishonorable Tactics allows you to re-roll once, or if you discard an upgrade on a friendly ship, you can re-roll your attack dice a second time.

To keep things balanced most ships in the blind reinforcement booster packs come with one Elite Talent, one Crew Upgrade, one Tech Upgrade and one Weapon Upgrade. Kurak is the Crew Upgrade in this blind booster pack. When defending, during the Deal Damage step, you may discard this card to disable up to 2 Shield Tokens instead of losing them. Targeting Systems is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to discard this card to perform a Target Lock Action as a free action. Getting a Target Lock Action as a free action means you are now free to use your ships action to cloak, sensor echo or evade. The Klingon Weapon Upgrade in this blind booster is Ambush Attack. At the start of the Combat Phase, if you are cloaked, you may perform your attack before any other ship. The attack must be made with your Primary Weapon. Additionally, if this attack hits an Attack Squadron you can disable 1 Squadron Upgrade, if possible.

Players will enjoy this blind booster because it expands on the Klingon Faction, with new upgrades and provides powerful options for fleet building in the future. Specifically, Duras and Dishonorable Tactics are cards that every player will want to build a Fleet around. The House of Duras is fighting to take over the Klingon High Counsel. Will you choose to support Duras or Gowron in their struggle for power? Relive these epic battles and more with the I.K.S. Buruk found in the OP Reinforcement Blind Booster Brick.

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