Dear WizKids fans,

Recently we announced some of the details surrounding National and World Championships for HeroClix and Dice Masters. This announcement came much later than we would have liked, and we apologize for this. We are still ironing out the details for the World Championships but would like to try and explain our reasoning for moving Worlds from Origins.

For the past two years, WizKids has frequently received feedback that US Nationals and Worlds should be separated so U.S. Nationals can be special in the way that other countries’ Nationals are. Separating the events adds another weekend to the calendar year where players can get together with their friends from near and far to play some of their favorite games.

We’re not just moving Worlds out of Origins – we’re moving it out of the Summer, and we’re moving it out of the Midwest to the East Coast. While we’re not quite ready to announce the venue and specific dates, we’re looking forward to moving our World Championships into the local venue of some players for the very first time. There’s a ton of fun and excitement to be had just by attending Worlds, and we hope that this geographic shift to the East Coast will give some people that opportunity for the first time. By moving Worlds out of the Summer, we also get the benefit of seeing different teams have an opportunity to shine in championship games.

We hope that despite the late notice you’ll be able to join us for a great time at U.S. Nationals and World Championships in 2018. We expect to be announcing more details on Worlds in the next two months.

-The WizKids Team