Dice Masters Fans!

If you were at Origins Game Fair, we really enjoyed seeing you! Between the tournaments, upcoming news, and the convention itself, we hope you had a great time! Even better news is that we’ve got just as much fun coming up at WizKids World Championships at Graceland in Memphis Tennessee!

For full event details and travel tips, click here.

For room info and Dice Masters specific info, read on!

Room Block

To reserve a room in the WizKids World Championship Room block at The Guest House at Graceland, go to their website and enter/use the code: 190903WIZK.

Or call:

1-800-238-2000 with the above Block Code and let the reservation staff know that you are reserving a room for the WizKids World Championship room block.

As a special treat, join us for our Fan Appreciation Event at 8pm on Friday in the Graceland Exhibition Center to get a sneak peek at what is coming for late 2019/early 2020 for HeroClix, Dice Masters, Star Trek Attack Wing and other exciting WizKids games/products as well as a chance to win some prizes!

Event Schedule

Dice Masters World Championships will be the best weekend of rolling dice of the year!

Drafts all weekend (while inventory lasts)

Each draft earns you a participation Promo Card, and a chance to participate in the Preview Drafts


  • 10/10 format (9:30am)
  • Global Escalation (2:30pm – updated list based on Origins Results)
  • Fan Appreciation Presentation (8pm)


  • World Championships (9:30am)
  • Preview Draft (5pm)


  • Pauper Format (9:30am)
  • Preview Draft (Noon)

All-New Prizing

Exclusive X-Men the Animated Series Promo cards (as participation prizes, side event prizes, and World Championships Top 8 prizing)

Storm: Misspent Youth (Side Event Prize)

Jean Grey: Professor’s Protégé (Side Event Prize)

The Blackbird: Under the Radar (Side Event Prize)

Jubilee: Mallrat (World Championships Top 8)

Professor X: No More Magnus! (World Championships Participation Prize)

More Prizing to be Announced

Preview Draft

What’s a Preview Draft?

In Memphis we plan on having a unique blend of unreleased Prototype Dice Masters cards that use pre-existing dice. Players will get to draft these cards as part of this special event. They’ll get to take home the cards they draft plus some extra prizes. Players who participate in side events will get an opportunity to participate in this exclusive event. This is an exciting limited time opportunity!

World Championships

This year’s Dice Masters World Championships Event will be an open event – players do not need to qualify in advance. The entry fee will be $20. Players will bring their own Modern Age Dice Masters team for the event. The winner of Dice Masters World Championships will win (among other prizes) Dice Masters for a Year – one display of three (3) draft sets released in 2020 mailed to them, so they’ll be able to draft and collect with their friends.