DC Dice Masters: Batman – Preview

The Teen Titans are enlisting the help of the Agents of Order and Chaos with DC Dice Masters: Batman, arriving in stores 5/24! Hank Hall and Dawn Granger use their heightened strength, speed, and agility, along with their opposing ideologies, to maintain balance and combat evil!

Dice Masters Fans! Join the Batman Family and fight crime, or create chaos in Gotham with the Joker and the rest of Batman’s Rogues Gallery! Chase down never-before-seen friends and foes of Batman with the upcoming release of DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman!


Preview the set before the release here:

Light up the Bat Signal! DC Dice Masters: Batman will be arriving in stores near you on 5/24. Batman is joined by friends and foes alike with new mechanics like Flip, Gadgeteer, Boomerang, and Common Ground which will be sure to leave his infamous Rogue’s Gallery quaking with fear!

Check out the latest from the Captain of the Legends of Tomorrow! Rip Hunter: Timeline Protector offers damage protection! While he is active, you may prevent the first instance of damage to you each turn (and if you take multiple instances of damage at once, you choose which instance you want to prevent). This is huge! Not only will he be able to deflect damage aimed at you, but he provides some great defense for himself. Starting at a 3 D at Level 1, he can stop sidekicks and other attackers from chipping away at your life points.

Dice Masters Fans! The New Gods make their debut in DC Dice Masters: Batman! Hailing from the twin planets of Apokolips and New Genesis, Big Barda and Orion arrive with a giant BOOOOOM, joining Batman in his fight against Darkseid when DC Dice Masters: Batman arrives in stores on 5/24.

Dice Masters Fans! DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman marks the debut of a few new, exciting mechanics in Dice Masters! The Flip mechanic says, “At the beginning of your turn, you may flip this card to the other side.” Cards with the Flip mechanic are double-sided and can change tactics or affiliations mid-game, showcasing Batman’s preparedness for multiple situations. Check out the new Flip mechanic, as DC Dice Masters: Batman arrives in stores near you on 5/24!

Dice Masters Fans! DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman introduces the new mechanic, Gadgeteer! When a character with gadgeteer attacks, you may roll an action die from your Used Pile. If you roll an action face, you may field it. This mechanic allows characters like The Penguin to take great advantage of his trick umbrellas to wreak havoc on the tabletop!

Dice Masters Fans! DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman presents the brand-new, action-centric, Boomerang mechanic! Boomerang states, “After using this die, roll it. If you roll a non-energy face, add it to your Prep Area.” Boomerang allows cards like Batarang a chance to rebound turn after turn, increasing their utility!

Dice Masters Fans! In the brightest day and the blackest night, the White Lantern Corps joins the fight in DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman, available now! The White Lantern Corps will force your opponent to weigh their options during battle with the forces of good.