WizKids Prototype Submission Request

We are on the lookout for fun and unique board, card, and dice games. We are interested in American style games, Euro style games, a mashup of both: really anything that will be fun and unique to play. That being said, we are currently not looking for sport simulations, abstracts, word games, educational games, trivia games, roll and move games (unless there is a fantastic twist), or kids games.

The games need not require plastic figures: we can do regular card games, games with cubes, games with dice, etc. We will consider cooperative, competitive, coopetition, and other types of games. Also, we do not need to have games tied to an IP.

Finally, for those designers submitting a pitch, please be familiar with the games in our industry. Of course you do not need to know every game, but you need familiarity with our industry.

Please use the form below to tell us about your game. Do NOT tell us how great it is but do tell us why you think it is cool and different. Tell us how many players, game length, theme of game, etc. Without going into too much detail, tell us who you are in the game, what you are doing in the game, how do you win the game.

If we like a submission, we will ask for a rulebook and if we like that, a prototype. Not print and play, an actual physical prototype. If a prototype is requested please make sure the rules are absolutely clear and all components are labeled properly and legibly. Please also supply your contact info, email and phone, in the rulebook.

We cannot accept outside recommendations or design ideas for already established games.  If received they will be immediately deleted.

Finally, we do NOT return prototypes. No exceptions. Please consider this when contacting us.

Response time can be 8-10 weeks so please be patient. After 4+ weeks you can email submissions@wizkids.com to inquire about the status of your submission.