Hillside, NJ – November 15, 2019 – WizKids is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Stampede, a new game of strategic stamp collecting competition from Jeroen Geenen!

In Stampede, players seek to collect sets of animal stamps, either 5 of the same animal or 9 distinct animals, in order to stamp out the competition! They achieve this by searching for the best trades from the stamp exchange- a center pile of stamps, or by trading with other players. Each animal stamp has a unique action that grants different effects when played into a player’s stamp album. From taking cards from other players’ albums to exchanging hands with other players, these abilities can change the game faster than you can lick a stamp!

Featuring colorful art and simple symbology, Stampede plays quickly and elegantly as players plan efficient moves to complete their stamp collection. Stampede is coming to a Friendly Local Game Store near you in Spring 2020, so be sure to pre-order at your Friendly Local Game Store today!

For more information, visit: https://wizkids.com/Stampede