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Battle for Faerûn brings Dice Masters Collectible Dice Building game to the tabletop with this all-new head-to-head competitive game set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe! Battle for Faerûn is the first set in the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters Line! Prepare to defeat the opposing warlord with dragons, mind flayers, beholders, kobolds, stirges, and adventurers!

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters


Release Date February 2015
Genre Dice Building
Game Time 1+ Hrs
Ages 14+
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Dungeons & Dragons® Dice Masters ? Battle for Faerûn Starter Set
“Dice Masters, the new collectible dice game from WizKids Games, has been a huge overnight hit”
Jamie Lovett, Comicbook.com

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