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Nick is a chemical engineering student at the University of California, San Diego but will graduate in early 2015. He loves playing all sorts of board games in his free time and gravitates toward strategic video games. He’s been playing Dice Masters since release and following an extremely enjoyable run at the San Diego Wizkids Open began writing about the game.

Preparing for Nationals

Preparing for a big tournament can be a difficult process. Typically, the most efficient way to prepare is doing multiple play tests and iterations of different competitive teams. Your experiences in using the previous Dice Masters sets will surely be tested against certain opponents. That being said, with just a month between the release of […]

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Age of Apocalypse OP

Magneto – Heir to the Dream While active, if your opponent has no active Villain characters, draw an additional die during the clear and draw step. How to use this card: Since there is no action phase during the clear and draw step, this ability cannot be disabled by turning a character into a Villain with Iron-Man’s or Takedown’s global ability. Your opponent must have a true villain in order to keep you from drawing an extra die.

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DC Dice Masters: Justice League releases this Spring!

Following the anticipated DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League release this Spring, the first DC Dice Masters Storyline Organized Play series: Trinity War kicks off. Stores that support Dice Masters will be able to purchase OP kits that include exclusive promotional cards of the main players of the DC Comics’ Trinity War story arc.

By attending […]

DC Dice Masters: Justice League releases this Spring!2016-10-13T13:42:22-04:00

Days of Future Past OP

Sentinel: Omega:

Sentinel takes two less damage from characters with the X-Men affiliation that it is engaged with.

How this card works: Sentinel needs to block or be blocked by one or more X-Men characters to trigger his ability. The damage reduction will reduce any damage from those characters, even if it is non-combat damage. The two […]

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Dice Masters Organized Play

Dice Masters is a wonderful head to head game that plays very well competitively. There are a few things one should know before attending a tournament though. To start with, Organized Play Events are fun at a wide range of skill levels and worth attending even if you don’t consider yourself a competitive player. I’ll […]

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