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New York City, the city that never sleeps. Things were supposed to be different in our modern 1930’s. Shining skyscrapers and subway cars to lead us into a grand future. Sure. So why was I in the same dingy office with a cheap desk and a cheaper secretary, paid to track cheating spouses? I had no more time for introspection. I grabbed my hat and gun. I slipped a flask into the pocket of my overcoat. I was ready to wade into the cesspool.


Release Date July 2017
Genre Card Game
Game Time 45 Min
Ages 14+
Players 2-4
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Play as hard-boiled detectives cooperatively investigating 12 cases.

Every case has clues with symbols that must be matched to unlock their secrets. Players must wisely play their Lead cards to match the symbols on the clues to reveal what the clue offers: which can be important information, the addition of new clues to uncover, or a plain dead end.

Players can get hot tips that will help them investigate – but watch out for plot twists that will complicate your investigation.

When the investigation of the case is over, you must answer questions – the more you answer, the better detectives you are.

Game Components Include:

  • 12 Cases
  • Case book
  • Question book
  • Solution book
  • 8 Detective cards
  • 65 Lead and Plot Twist cards
  • 4 Hot Tip tokens
  • 3 Bullet tokens
  • Starting Player Badge
  • Rules

MSRP: $44.99

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