Romulan Drone Ship Expansion Pack

The Prototype 01 is a Romulan drone ship.  These ships are piloted by the Aenar, who were kidnapped and forced to control these unmanned vessels from a tower on Romulus.  The Romulan drone ship is capable of taking on the appearance of any vessel using its multi-spectral emitters to create a holographic projection.  Armed with triphasic emitters, this ship can mimic the weapons fire of the alien vessel as well.

Hirogen Warship Expansion Pack

The Hirogen are a nomadic race of predators always looking for worthy prey.  The Alpha Hunter is a Hirogen warship, or hunting vessel, and is typically manned by a crew of two Hirogen, an Alpha and a Beta.  These vessels are well armed with a variety of weapons, including a subncleonic beam weapon which can scan an enemy ship and leave it disabled.  These ships also have a monotanium armor plating which makes them difficult to target.

Federation Attack Fighter Squadron Expansion Pack

Federation Attack Fighters were utilized by the Federation throughout the Dominion War.  Fighter Squadron 6 is one of many squadrons of Federation Attack Fighters ordered by Captain Benjamin Sisko to employ tactical pattern theta and single out the Cardassian ships in order to punch a hole through the Dominion lines so that the Federation ships could reach Terok Nor.