Star Trek: Attack Wing – The Classic Movies 3-month Storyline Organized Play Series

“I have been, and always shall be, your friend. Live long and prosper.”

The classic Star Trek movies have come to Star Trek: Attack Wing! First, battle against Khan Noonien Singh in an effort to secure the Genesis Device, then return to the newly created Genesis planet to find Spock, and finally journey back in time to retrieve the now extinct humpback whales in order to save Earth from its impending demise in this exciting three-month Storyline Organized Play (OP) program!

The Classic Movies – The Wrath of Khan (Month 1)

Your fleet encounters an enemy fleet outside of the Mutara Nebula. Being made up of mostly ionized gases, the static discharges contained within this interstellar dust cloud will not allow your ships’ sensors and shields to function properly while they are within the nebula. It will take high levels of skill, experience and intelligence to do battle within such an environment. Will your fleet have what it takes to enter into such a battle?

Each The Classic Movies – The Wrath of Khan OP Kit includes:

The Classic Movies – The Search for Spock (Month 2)

The Genesis planet was created when Khan Noonien Singh detonated the Genesis Device in the Mutara Sector in an attempt to kill Admiral James T. Kirk. The planet is growing very rapidly and you have sent an away team to the planet’s surface to study it. While your away team is on the planet, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet who has sent its own away team to the planet’s surface. Can you retrieve your away team before the volatile planet or the enemy’s away team destroys them?

Each The Classic Movies- The Search for Spock OP Kit includes:

The Classic Movies – The Voyage Home (Month 3)

While you are battling with an enemy fleet, an alien probe enters your sector. This probe is draining the power from everything that it comes in contact with and none of your efforts have had any effect on it. The probe seems to be on a course towards the Earth. Can you avoid this strange probe and defeat your enemy? Or will you be left powerless in space?

Each The Classic Movies – The Voyage Home OP Kit includes:

Storyline Grand Prize

Awarded to the player with the highest total Battle Points after the Month Three Event.

  • Grand Prize: (1) S.S. Enterprise-A/Constitution-class (refit) Pre-painted Plastic Ship which includes:
    • 1 Plastic Base (with 2 Plastic Pegs)
    • 1 Maneuver Dial
    • 10 Cards (with 2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 2 Captain, 1 Additional Rules and 4 Upgrade Cards)
    • 3 Token Sheets (with 4 Captain ID, 1 Ship, 1 Effect and 1 Time Tokens)

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