Star Trek Fleet Captains puts the entire Federation or Klingon fleet at your disposal as you fight for control over a sector of unexplored space. Encounter new civilizations, expand your influence by establishing an outpost or a starbase, and complete missions to secure your victory!


Release Date July 2011
Genre Board Game
Game Time 90-120 Mins
Ages 14+
Players 2-4

Star Trek: Fleet Captains Rule Book

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Star Trek Fleet Captains Romulan Empire Expansion

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Star Trek Fleet Captains Dominion Expansion

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Game Contents

As a Fleet Captain you must choose wisely from a selection of your 12 favorite Star Trek ships, deploying them strategically to outmaneuver your opponent. Whether you wish to confront the opposing fleet directly through ship-to-ship combat or evade the enemy forces while you complete scientific missions, Fleet Captains has missions for every style of play.


24 Highly detailed, molded in color, miniature starships (12 Federation, 12 Klingon) 24 Ship Information Cards 50 Galaxy Location Tiles 200 Command Cards (100 Federation, 100 Klingon) 50 Encounter Cards 76 Mission Cards

MSRP: $100.00 SKU: 70332

Also Available!

Expand Your Fleet With The Dominion Expansion!

The Dominion seeks to conquer the Alpha Quadrant in this expansion set to Star Trek Fleet Captains. The Dominion fleet bring together the forces of the Cardassians, the Breen, and the Jem’Hadar led by the Vorta and the Founders. This expansion set introduces a new Saboteur sub-type: Shapeshifters!

MSRP: $59.99 SKU: 71695

Expand Your Fleet With The Romulan Expansion!

The Romulan Empire expands its influence into the game of Star Trek Fleet Captains. This expansion set introduces a new Mission type- Espionage- and the ability to assign Romulan Saboteurs to your opponent’s ships as well as a few tricks for every faction to deploy.

MSRP: $ 59.99

SKU: 70836