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Why are we creating an online panel?

We are constantly looking to innovate at WizKids, and we want YOU to help provide insights, feedback, & opinions on the specific games & collectibles lines you use or play.

What’s in it for me?

First and foremost, feedback will be used to help drive product selection & prioritization. You want that specific miniature? Now you can let us know!

More importantly, completed surveys provide a chance to win products from across our gaming & collectibles lines!

How do I join already?

Easy! Fill out the form to the right and provide us with your name, gender, email address, & the country you reside in.

Afterwards, we will send out an introductory survey focused on the WizKids products you use, collect, buy, or have interest in.

After that, we will send occasional surveys to you based on your specific interests.

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Note: We will only use the information you provide internally.