Expand your Marvel HeroClix collection with the release of Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men. Featuring a myriad of mutant mavericks and misanthropes – from classic X-stories to current X-events, Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men is a set you won’t want to miss.

Introducing ClixFX bases – a cool, new way to easily track on-going game and environmental effects – now available in Boosters and Fast Forces Packs!

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men includes sub-themes of the All-New X-Men, the Marauders, Freedom Force and more!


Release Date May 2016
Genre Collectible Miniatures Games
Game Time 1+ Hrs
Ages 14+ 

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Expand Your Set With Boosters!

The Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set has 70 new figures to collect:

  • 16 Common figures (plus one Prime)
  • 16 Uncommon figures (plus one Prime)
  • 16 Rare figures (plus one Prime)
  • 12 Super Rare figures (plus one Prime)
  • 6 Chase figures

Booster Brick MSRP: $129.90
Booster Brick SKU: 72364

Single Booster MSRP: $12.99

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Also Available!

Fast Forces

The time-traveling All-New X-Men join up with X-23 to protect the earth from all threats to both human- and mutant-kind! Featuring 6 HeroClix figures with all¬new dial designs, a rules sheet and a ClixFX base! This Fast Forces Pack is an excellent product for new and established players!

Fast Forces Packs are designed for quick play and easy team building for both tournaments and causal games.

MSRP: $16.99
SKU: 72366

Dice & Token Pack

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Dice & Token Pack contains 2 custom dice featuring the X-Men logo and 6 action tokens. The Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Dice & Token Pack is a great way to enhance your HeroClix experience!

MSRP: $9.99
SKU: 72368



Additional Game Elements/Accessories

Booster Brick

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