New to the game of HeroClix? Here’s the place to start.

HeroClix is a tabletop combat game using 3-D collectible miniature figures of your favorite characters. By building a force from your collection of figures, you can take on the roles of your favorite characters and challenge your friends to epic battles.

The WizKids Info Network makes it easy for players to find friends, stores and events.

Players can create their own profile, follow their favorite stores, be notified of upcoming events and find other players. Soon, they will also be able to earn achievements, be ranked based on their win/loss record and points, form teams to compete with other players along with many more new features.

Stores can create profiles, promote and report their events and connect with their customers through the WIN. They will also be able to earn achievements, find volunteers and share their event results and photos with players (based on privacy settings).

With so many figures to choose from, teams to try, maps to play on and scenarios to conquer, the possibilities are endless.