A Beginner’s Guide to Justice League Unlimited

You might know your way around the PAC, but if you’re still trying to hone your HeroClix skills look no further! We’ve got some tips on how to master Justice League teams that you’ll be seeing in Justice League Unlimited.


There are two common elements you’ll have on most of your Justice League figures. First is the Justice League Team Ability (TA for short). Second is the shared trait, “Justice League Unlimited.” Both are helpful against higher point opposing figures.

Team Ability: JUSTICE LEAGUE – When this character is given a MOVE action, modify speed +1.

The Justice League TA simply lets your characters move further when taking a move action. There are three qualifying actions: a basic move, Phasing/Teleport, or Leap/Climb. If your character is performing a move and attack (like Charge or Running Shot) they won’t get to use this +1 since those are POWER actions and not MOVE actions. This helps your characters traverse the map to support one another or clobber the opposition.

Shared Trait: JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6. 6: Remove an action token from another friendly character with the Justice League keyword that’s 100 points or less.

This ability may seem unlikely to work, and if there’s just one copy of it on your team it might be. JLU teams might fit 5 or more copies of this ability on their team, potentially moving your odds of it working at least once from 16% to 60% or more. What’s awesome about this is that you might be able to get your biggest figure able to act every single turn without pushing! Even if you’re a little unlucky with this ability, your opponent will often be forced to play around it or get totally pulverized. !Remember to use it every turn!

Team Building

If you can, play your favorites. As you see above one of the ways to make the most of the Justice League Unlimited Trait is to have characters at 85-100 points who can try and do something every turn to hit your opponent. Here are 3 figures that can help fill that role:

At 100 points you can choose between Superman 001 (top dial Charge, 18 defense Impervious, 11 attack, 4 damage) and Supergirl 028 (top dial Hypersonic or Flurry, 18 defense Invulnerability, 11 attack, 4 damage).

At 95 points you could play Shazam 014 (top dial Hypersonic, 18 defense, 11 attack, 4 damage).

At a mere 90 points you could get Wonder Woman 009 (Hypersonic into Charge, 18 defense, 11 attack, leadership)

These characters all have a way to keep constant pressure on your opponent, either through moving and attacking in one action, Flurry, or even helping to carry secondary attackers into the fight.

Which Justice Leaguers you use to support them is up to you. Whether it’s an Outwitter (Amanda Waller), a Perplexer (Batman), a taxi (Green Lantern) or even a die manipulator (The Question). There are great, low cost ranged attackers like Green Arrow to add to your team too. Try out lots of different combos to learn which ones you like best!