HeroClix Fans!

Origins Game Fair 2019 was a BLAST! We had a great time seeing the fans face-to-face and watching some awesome HeroClix matches. Every year, Origins is one of the best weekends to be a HeroClix fan, but this year was extra special!

HeroClix Team National Championships had RECORD-BREAKING attendance, with over 200 players!

HeroClix National Championships had a WIDE variety of teams making it to the top tables, arguably our most diverse metagame ever!

  • Hawkeye/Vulture teams
  • Giganto & Namor teams
  • Sam Cap/Foot Ninja teams
  • Kobik teams
  • Thanos teams
  • Uni-Mind teams

Even among the different archetypes, we saw players employing a wide variety of support pieces, Colossal Retaliators, ID Cards, and Troubalerts. Congrats to Pat Frazier on winning the HeroClix US National Championships!

The number of players participating in Battle Royales was beyond our estimates, and even after restocking – we ran out of booster product! This is another potential record for number of Battle Royales at Origins!

Fans got to hold the X-Men Regenesis OP figures in hand for the first time! They got to see the sculpts in-person from the upcoming X-Men Animated Series set!

The Fan Appreciation Event was filled to capacity in a new space. Players got a first look at some new figures and dials from upcoming sets. Including WWE!

We’ve received a ton of positive feedback from revealing more info about the WWE HeroClix figures, but along with that feedback, we’ve gotten plenty of questions, especially during the Fan Appreciation Presentation. Along with sharing our excitement about Origins, we wanted to help those who might not have been in attendance better understand what’s new and exciting in WWE HeroClix.

Will WWE HeroClix figures be Modern Legal?

Yes! All the WWE HeroClix figures will be Modern Legal per normal rules given their release date, just as if they had been in a booster brick, Fast Forces, or starter set. They’ll be fun to play amongst themselves, but have been designed with Modern in mind.

Will WWE HeroClix figures be compatible with the rest of my collection?

Yes! Even though the WWE figures utilize their own PAC, there is overlap among some powers (like Charge). Other powers will be exclusive to WWE figures (like Slam). Some powers from the standard PAC won’t be on WWE figures (like Penetrating/Psychic Blast). You’ll be able to play the WWE figures on teams (even theme teams!) alongside the HeroClix figures you already own.

How will Pick-A-Power abilities work with the WWE figures?

Pick-A-Power abilities will only be able to pick powers from a PAC of a character that is already in that HeroClix game. For example, in a 2-player game, Player A has only WWE figures, and Player B has no WWE figures. Either player’s Pick-A-Power abilities will be able to choose from either the standard PAC (because of Player B’s team) or the WWE PAC (because of Player A’s team).

Can WWE figures be Standard Characters for rules purposes?

They can be, since they’re not bystanders, they’re on a single base, and they could have the corresponding attack, defense, and damage symbols.

When are WWE figures releasing?

WWE HeroClix will be hitting store shelves in October. Check out this preview of “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the meantime!