• Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War - Daredevil

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War – Daredevil

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today, we’re taking another look at the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War set by diving into the dark side of one of the Marvel Universes greatest heroes, Daredevil!

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War - Daredevil

This version of the man without fear is the Daredevil from the Shadowland event, where he took control of the villainous ninja clan, The Hand. At 80 points, Daredevil has 6 clicks of life, as well as a range of 4 squares with 1 target. In addition to The Hand, he can also be played on Martial Artist, Mystical, and Ruler themed teams.

Daredevil carries one trait, called Leader of the Hand. This trait allows Daredevil to use Stealth. Additionally, once per turn, Daredevil can be given a power action to place a #015 Hand Ninja from outside the game in a square of hindering terrain, within range and line of fire. And, if a friendly character with The Hand keyword was KO’d since your last turn, this is a free action instead of a power action.

In addition to that trait, Daredevil has two special powers. The first, called Demonic Appetite for Pain, appears on his final four clicks of attack. This power states that Daredevil can use Precision Strike. Additionally, when Daredevil hits an opposing character, the attack values of all friendly characters with The Hand keyword modify by +1 this turn. Furthermore, if the opposing character is KO’d, also modify their damage values by +1 this turn. His second special power is called Mystical Senses and appears on his first four clicks of defense. This power states that Daredevil can use Super Senses. When he does and succeeds, after actions resolve, deal the attacker 1 unavoidable damage. Supplementing those special powers, Daredevil also has the standard powers Charge, Flurry, Precision Strike, Super Senses, Leadership, and Shape Change.

The more violent and unforgiving side of Daredevil is a dangerous character, and his figure in this set nets that out. He can cause absolute chaos by bringing in Hand Ninjas to his force, as well as making use of his special powers to boost them to truly crippling levels.

That’s it for today, ‘Clix fans! Check back soon for more exciting previews from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War set and visit the WizKids Info Network to find Pre-Release Events near you!

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