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Welcome back as we continue our series of previews for our upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War set!  Today we Adventure Into Fear, deep in the Florida Everglades, and find the mysterious and powerful Man-Thing!

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War - Man-Thing

As a biochemical researcher with Project: Gladiator trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, Dr. Ted Sallis uncovered a plot by AIM agents to steal his work.  He destroyed his notes and took off into the swamp but wrecked his car where a mix of chemicals from his serum and mystical energies from the Nexus of Realities transformed him into the infernal Man-Thing, a lumbering plant like creature with barely any human intellect remaining and an acidic touch that burns anyone experiencing fear.

With the Defenders, Legion of Monsters, Thunderbolts, Monster, and Mystical keywords Man-Thing brings the magical might of the swamp to your force.  For 125 points he punishes anyone who damages him with an attack with the Mystics team ability.  Man-Thing also helps out his closest allies with the Defenders team ability and his trait, Defenders Together once per turn allowing a friendly character that uses the Defenders team ability to replace their defense value with Man-Thing’s to reduce penetrating damage and cause an attack using Mind Control to automatically miss.  Offensively he can deal penetrating damage on every click as his dial begins and ends with the combination of Phasing/Teleport, Poison, Toughness, and Exploit Weakness.  On click #3 he has a STOP click thanks to his special power on damage Taken Possession Of A Mindless Husk.  This STOP click ensures he lands on his sweet spot.  His special power on speed, Possessed By The Six Fingered Hand, which cannot be countered, makes Man-Thing go Giant-Sized with a range value of 5 and Sidestep.  He also has Penetrating/Psychic Blast and a stunning 19 defense with Impervious that shifts down to Invulnerability before shrinking back to normal size; this is the highest defense value in Modern Age formats that can be shared with the Defenders team ability.  On top of all that he disregards pushing damage thanks to Indomitable giving him the use of Willpower.

“Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch!”

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