Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the plentiful ‘Clix-ucopia of offerings from the Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force set since its release.  But wait, there’s more!  While you are basking in the afterglow, The Merc with the Mouth is dropping one more golden nugget:  The Merc$ for Money Fast Forces Pack!

After Deadpool caught the mercenary Solo impersonating him to fetch a higher pay rate, he saw an opportunity to revolutionize the soldier of fortune business.  He gathered a team of similarly skilled and/or insane freelancers to wear costumes identical to his own and call themselves the Heroes for Hire.  However, they soon got a cease and desist order issued from the Law Offices of Nelson & Murdock on behalf of Luke Cage and were forced to change their name.  Thus the Merc$ for Money were born!  Alliteration is important for brand recognition in the hero biz.  Eventually they had taken to wearing color coded uniforms to distinguish themselves from yet another impersonator, (and probably to make it less confusing for Wade to tell his teammates apart while he skimmed from their paychecks).  Speaking of the illustrious team leader and small business proprietor/job creator extraordinaire….

Marvel HeroClix: The Merc$ for Money Fast Forces - Deadpool

Every figure in this fast forces comes in at 50 points but Deadpool has two point values, 80 points and 50 points, that you can choose from for your team building enjoyment.  At 50 points he has 5 clicks of life with a dial that does better if you can stay at range (6 range, in this case) with Sidestep, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Enhancement.  If he does get too close and gets dinged in the head, he has three clicks of Plasticity to make his getaway easier so he can make use of his special power on defense, Does Everyone On This Team Have A Healing Factor?, that lets him use Toughness and Regeneration with a minimum result of one click of healing.  He also has Leadership on these clicks so his attempts at running and healing shouldn’t take away from the effectiveness of the rest of your team.  At 80 points, Deadpool starts off jumping right into the action with Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Combat Reflexes, and his special power on damage Color-Coordinated that lets him use Outwit but only to counter [RED] powers (Flurry, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Super Senses, and Ranged Combat Expert).  At whatever point value you play Deadpool at, he has the Deadpool Corps and Heroes For Hire keywords, Indomitable for maximum effort and his trait Mercs for Money that gives him a click of healing each time a friendly character with the Heroes For Hire keyword KO’s an opposing character.  So if Deadpool is wearing the red suit, let’s ride the rainbow and see who is wearing orange this season.

Marvel HeroClix: The Merc$ for Money Fast Forces - Stingray

It’s Stingray!  The only flight-capable member of the team, Stingray has a trait Please Remember To Leave The Window Open that lets him carry two characters when he uses the Carry ability granted by his Flight symbol, but he cannot change elevation when he does.  For 50 points, you get 5 clicks for a very mobile, and surprising powerhouse; 5 range, Fight symbol with 10 movement and Sidestep, Pulsewave, defense powers stepping down in order from Invulnerability, Toughness, and Energy Shield/Deflection, his Color-Coordinated special defense power granting him Outwit but only to counter [ORANGE] powers; like Leap/Climb, Energy Explosion, Toughness, and Battle Fury, and then onto helping his teammates with Enhancement.  He also starts with a damage value of 3 while he has Pulsewave.  He has the Heroes For Hire, Initiative, Armor, Scientist, and Spy keywords.  Despite collecting a paycheck from Deadpool, he was also keeping an eye on his more deranged teammates for Captain America.

So Red, Orange, then Yellow….

Marvel HeroClix: The Merc$ for Money Fast Forces - Slapstick

Concluding today’s feature is Slapstick!  What a nasty piece for 50 points, and a great addition to the Heroes For Hire, Initiative, and New Warriors keyword lineups too.  For 3 of his 6 clicks of life this walking cartoon opens up with Willpower, Precision Strike, the Color-Coordinated special on damage that gives him Outwit but only to counter [YELLOW] powers (Phasing/Teleport, Pulsewave, Defend, and Support for those keeping track) and another special power on movement called Cartoon Physics that lets you choose a standard speed power for Slapstick to use until your next turn.  Whether you want to choose Plasticity to keep someone stuck in cartoony mud or Hypersonic Speed or Flurry to get some good mallet swings in, or Mind Control to cause some animated hallucinations; Slapstick is your ‘toon.  For his last three clicks, Slapstick needs to redraw himself with his special power on defense Does Everyone On This Team Have A Healing Factor? letting him use Toughness and Regeneration with a minimum of one click of healing in addition to Shape Change to keep him safe while he heals.

Stay tuned (tooned?) for our next installment where we show you the rest of the spectrum of color costumes in the Marvel HeroClix: Merc$ for Money Fast Forces.  Until then, be sure to log in to the WizKids Information Network to find  tournaments for Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force near you.