Greetings HeroClix Fans!

It’s about time for today’s preview of Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force and we have a real barnstormer to feast your eyes on.  You may have seen her in Scott Porter’s latest unboxing, but let’s take a closer look at Bessie, The Hellcow!

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force - Hellcow

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According to legend, (Giant Sized Man-Thing #5, 1975 to be exact) Bessie, a cow living peacefully on a farm in Switzerland in 1675, was attacked by a starving and desperate Count Dracula and rose from the dead as the vampiric Hellcow.  Rarely seen, she has however had run ins with Howard the Duck and even the likes of Deadpool.

Steering Bessie the Hellcow from the farm to your HeroClix table we see she has the Animal and Monster keywords and clocks in at 50 points with only two clicks of life from her starting line.  Don’t assume that she’ll be slaughtered without a fight though.  She starts off with Sidestep, Support (Vampiric Milk? Ewww), and a special defense power Mistform that is a STOP click, on top of Indomitable and Flight.  Her trait ensures that she isn’t fenced into just those two clicks though.  Vampiric Bovine grants her the use of Stealth and Steal Energy that lets her heal past her starting line.  As Bessie feeds, she steadily trots up her dial a potential 5 extra clicks with increasing combat values, mobility options, and damage output raising the stakes (steaks?) and making it harder and harder for your opponent to put her out to pasture.  She gains Charge, Super Senses, and Exploit Weakness after two Steal Energy heals.  If she can chew her way to the top of her dial, your opponent will have some beef with you as she reaches udderly horrifying Grade-A Clix status gaining Hypersonic Speed, 12 attack, 19 defense with Super Senses, and 5 damage with Exploit Weakness.  Holy Cow!  No, Hellcow!

Hellcow is not Rare or Medium Rare, she is a Super Rare.

We know.  We’ve milked the puns for all they’re worth.  Mooving along.

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Until next time, more Hellcow bell.