GET READY! Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend Begins October 8th, 2016!

Sketch Variant Cards! Collect them all!


Unravel the mysteries of Castle Ravenloft with the Dungeons and Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft event!

Prepare for a fun-filled weekend of Dice Masters! WizKids is happy to announce Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend 2016, an Organized Play event available to top stores. Players will have an opportunity to Rainbow Draft and have a shot at winning limited edition alternate art cards! Just for participating, everyone will receive a Strahd: Master of Ravenloft card and die for use in Dice Masters!*


*While supplies last.

Blank Card

Card With Art

Create your very own card art! Design it yourself or take it to a Con and have your favorite artist help you out!

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For Retailers

Qualifying retailers interested in participating will be contacted by their distributor. As a participating store in the program, you’ll need to register your store in the WizKids Info Network (“WIN”). If you haven’t already registered your store, please make sure you visit the WizKids Info Network and click “Create New STORE Account.” If you have any questions or problems, contact and put “WizKids Info Network” in the subject line.

Once your store is registered in the WIN, you can schedule your Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend events!

As a participating store in the program, you will register your store and your events in our database using a simple browser-based interface. The information you provide will populate our event locator that will direct visitors of to your store to participate in Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend events.

For Players

Use the system to connect with Stores and other players worldwide as well as find events in your area or while you’re on the road. As a registered Dice Masters player you will also be able to keep abreast of new releases and events in your area as they become available.

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Tournament Structure:

  • Rainbow Draft
    • Up to 16 players total per event
    • Up to 8 players in each draft pod
    • All players play a tournament together with their draft teams
    • All players receive 2 participation cards and a matching die
    • Top players receive limited edition alternate art cards

Each Rainbow Draft Weekend Organized Play Kit (SKU: 72474) includes:

  • 16 Strahd: Master of Ravenloft Dice
  • 16 Strahd: Master of Ravenloft Full Art cards
  • 16 Strahd: Master of Ravenloft Sketch Variants (blanks)
  • 5 Kobold: Greater Humanoid
  • 2 Human Paladin: Lesser Emerald Enclave
  • 1 Magic Missile: Basic Action Card
Store Selection:

  • Selection based on WIN performance
    • Scheduling of events
    • Participation in event
  • Selected stores will be able to purchase 1 Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend Kit (SKU: 72474)
  • In order to receive the Rainbow Draft Weekend Kits, stores will be required to purchase a sufficient amount of qualifying product to support Rainbow Draft for the amount of prize support provided (see Purchase Requirements below)
  • Selection will be made by August 26, 2016

Purchase Requirement:

  • Stores selected to participate must purchase the following quantity of product for the kit amounts offered:
    • 1 Kits 2 Gravity Feeds
  • Qualifying purchase product may be any in-stock Dice Masters Gravity Feeds that have been released before the date of March 30th, 2016
    • Stores may mix and match sets purchase requirement
    • Specific set selection determined by available inventory

Participation Requirements:

  • Participating Stores must schedule their events in the WIN by September 16, 2016
    • Compliance with this may determine future awarding of special OP events

Players interested in participating can find stores in their area in the WizKids Info Network (“WIN”)!

*All program details subject to change.


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