Product Notices

The following are corrections and clarifications to Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron.

Cards receiving errata:

(105) Wasp: Bio-Electric Blasts

Her sub-title is misspelled as: “Bio-Electirc Blasts” and should be corrected to “Bio-Electric Blasts”

Her text should read:

Each time you use a Global Ability, Wasp gets +1A and +1D until end of turn. You may only use this ability once per turn for each Global Ability.

Global: Pay [2]. Deal 1 damage to target character die.

(131) Star-Lord: Element Gun

He shows a Shield energy in his purchase cost. It should be a Fist energy.

All cards in the Checklist should have 10 added to their listed number. So Baron Zemo #25 is actually Baron Zemo #35.

The following cards are missing a rarity stripe (all are common):

35 Baron Zemo: Helmut J. Zemo

36 Beast: Dr. Hank McCoy

38 Bucky: James Buchanan Barnes

40 Captain Marvel: Maj. Carol Danvers

41 Captain Universe: Tamara Devoux

42 Daredevil: Matthew Murdock, Attorney-at-Law

43 Enchantress: Amora

44 Gamora: Assassin

46 Groot: Reincarnated

49 Hyperion: Eternal

51 Jocasta: Titanium Body

52 Kang: The Conqueror

53 Loki: Loki Laufeyson

54 Loki’s Scepter: Magic

56 Moondragon: Heather Douglas

57 Nick Fury: Sgt. Fury

58 Odin: The All-Father

59 Pepper Potts: Personal Secretary of Tony Stark

60 Phil Coulson: Inspirational Leader

61 Red Skull: Johann Schmidt

62 Rocket Raccoon: “Blam! Murdered you!”

64 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Iliad

65 Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew

66 Starhawk: Stakar Ogord

67 Star-Lord: Peter Jason Quill

68 Thanos: Courting Death

74 Wonder Man: Simon Williams