I.K.S. Ning’Tao Expansion Pack

The I.K.S. Ning’Tao is B’rel-class Klingon Bird-of-Prey. After a successful raid on the Cardassian Outpost on Planet Trelka V. in order to regain his lost honor. Dahar Mast Kor took over command of the Ning’Tao and with a small crew engaged a fleet of ten Jem’Hadar attack ships in order to gain the time necessary for the rest of the Klingon raiding force to reach the nearby Federation reinforcements.

Ratosha Expansion Pack

The Ratosha is a Bajoran scout ship. This type of vessel is used by the Bajorans for many purposes including troop transport as well as scouting missions and has served on many occasions as an assault vessel. Three such vessels, commanded by General Krim, conducted a siege of Deep Space 9 for the Alliance of Global Unity, an extremist Bajoran group led by Minister Jaro Essa.

U.S.S. Prometheus Expansion Pack

The U.S.S. Prometheus is a tactical prototype designed for deep space missions. The Prometheus-class is the fastest of the Federation starships and is equipped with ablative hull armor and regenerative shielding. Its multi-vector assault mode was previously untested until the Prometheus was hijacked by Romulans who used the powerful assault mode against the U.S.S. Bonchune.