Vidiian Starship Expansion Pack

The Vidiians are a race afflicted by a disease known as the Phage which destroys their organs.  At the cost of own morality, they use their advanced medical technologies to harvest other species organs to replace their own.  The Fina Prime is a Vidiian Battle Cruiser.  These huge ships utilize hypothermic charges and grapplers, which can stop a ship to allow a boarding party to enter the held ship in their never-ending search for organs to harvest.

Regent’s Flagship Expansion Pack

In a Mirror Universe the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance battles to suppress the rebellion bent on liberating the Terrans, the equivalent of the people of the Prime Universe’s Federation.  Alternate reality Worf, Regent of the Alliance, puts little trust in his highest officers and often takes matters into his own hands by leading his forces aboard his enormous Negh’Var-class flagship.  With a crew of Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans, this intimidating starship can travel at warp 9 to hunt down and punish the rebels who seek to restore their empire to its former glory.

Hideki-Class Attack Squadron Expansion Pack

The Hideki-Class attack ships are small, versatile Cardassian vessels.  Throughout the Dominion War, the Hideki-class attack ships were utilized as escort ships to the larger Cardassian vessels as well as patrol ships and transports.  Some Hideki-class ships have been known to be upgraded with Galor-class phaser banks for greater firepower.