Star Trek: Attack Wing The Tholian Web Episode Organized Play Kit 2016-10-13T13:16:33+00:00

Star Trek: Attack Wing The Tholian Web Episode Organized Play Kit

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While responding to a distress signal in an uncharted sector, you quickly learn that it was a trap and find yourself engaged in combat with enemy ships. Unbeknownst to both fleets, your battle has taken you into an annex of the Tholian Assembly and Tholian ships have begun weaving a deadly energy web around your fleets. Your only chance to survive is to defeat your enemy before the web is completed and hope that your remaining ships can escape the powerful draw of the Tholian Web.

  • 1 Tournament Instruction Sheet Download (PDF)
  • 1 Tournament Score Sheet Download (PDF)
  • 5 Map Elements Sets. Each set includes:
    • 30 Energy Web Tokens
    • 4 Guide Tokens

Participation Prizes

  • 10 Red Alert Upgrade Cards
  • 10 Full About Maneuver Templates (with Reference Cards)

3 Tholian Starship Pre-painted Plastic Ships. Each ship includes:

  •  Plastic Base (with 2 Plastic Pegs)
  •  1 Maneuver Dial (dial, faceplate and 2 connectors)
  •  10 Cards with
    •  2 Ship Cards
    •  1 Maneuver Card
    •  2 Captain Cards
    •  3 Upgrade Cards
    •  2 Reference Cards
  • 6 Token Sheets with
    • 4 Captain ID Tokens
    • 1 Ship Token
    • 4 Action Tokens
    • 1 Critical Hit Token
    • 1 Auxiliary Power Token
    • 2 Shield Tokens
    • 1 Disabled Upgrade Token
    • 10 EWT Tokens and 2 Guide Tokens

NOTE: Stores may allow use of Star Trek: Attack Wing Resources in Fleet Builds from any or all previous Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play events at their sole discretion. Please ask your local store for their rules/restrictions to Fleet Builds prior to attending events.