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Star Trek: Attack Wing A Matter of Honor Organized Play Kit

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While participating in an officer exchange program, your fleet has become engaged with an enemy fleet and an unknown substance has been discovered on the hulls of the ships of both fleets. The substance is a rare subatomic bacteria capable of doubling in size at a rapid rate and reacting with compounds in the structures of your ships’ hulls. If not treated, it will destroy the ships, but a method has been found to remove this destructive bacteria using a tunneling neutrino beam. Will your fleet be able to survive both the enemy fleet and the subatomic bacteria?

  • 1 Tournament Instruction/Score Sheet Download (PDF)
  • 1 Tournament Overview Sheet Download (PDF)
  • 5 Map Elements Sets. Each set includes:
  • 30 Subatomic Bacteria Tokens

Participcation Prizes

  • 10 Officer Exchange Program Cards (with reference cards)
  • 3 I.K.S. Pagh/ K’Vort Class Starship Prepainted Plastic Ships.

Each Ship includes:

  • 1 Plastic Base (with 2 Plastic Pegs)
  • 1 Maneuver Dial (Dial, Faceplate and 2 Connectors)
  • 9 Cards (with 2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 2 Captain, and 4 Upgrade Cards).
  • 5 Token Sheets (with 4 Captain ID, 1 Ship, 4 Action, 1 Critical Hit, 1 Auxiliary Power, 1 Disable Upgrade, 3 Shield, and 4 Effect Tokens).

NOTE: Stores may allow use of Star Trek: Attack Wing Resources in Fleet Builds from any or all previous Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play events at their sole discretion. Please ask your local store for their rules/restrictions to Fleet Builds prior to attending events.