Star Trek: Attack Wing Arena Episode Organized Play Kit 2016-10-13T13:16:35+00:00

Star Trek: Attack Wing Arena Episode Organized Play Kit

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On what was to be a routine mission to check the status of the outpost on planet Cestus III, you find that the outpost has been destroyed and you are suddenly ambushed by the enemy forces on the planet. Thinking quickly, you thwart the ambush and return to your ships. A battle ensues between your fleets. Suddenly, the battle is stopped and your Captains are vanishing from your ships. The Metrons, a highly advanced race of beings, have placed your fleets into their “arena” in an uncharted solar system. They have prepared a planet of suitable atmosphere and begin taking your Captains from their ships and transporting them onto the planet. The surface of the planet will provide the raw materials for the Captains to construct weapons with which to battle each other. The Metrons have declared that the victorious Captains will be allowed to return to their ships and determine the fate of both fleets.

  • 1 Tournament Instruction Sheet Download (PDF)
  • 1 Tournament Score Sheet Download (PDF)
  • 5 Map Elements Sets. Each set includes:
  • 1 Planet Token
  • 40 Raw Materials Tokens
  • 12 Away Team Tokens

Participcation Prizes

  • 50 Engineering Tokens (with 10 Reference Cards)
  • 10 Full Alert Upgrade Cards

3 S’Gorn/Gorn Raider Pre-painted Plastic Ships. Each ship includes:

  • 1 Plastic Base (with 2 Plastic Pegs)
  • 1 Maneuver Dial (dial, faceplate and 2 connectors)
  • 9 Cards (with 2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 2 Captain, and 4 Upgrade Cards).
  • 5 Token Sheets (with 4 Captain ID, 1 Ship, 4 Action, 1 Critical Hit, 1 Auxiliary Power, 4 Shield, 1 Disabled Upgrade Tokens),

NOTE: Stores may allow use of Star Trek: Attack Wing Resources in Fleet Builds from any or all previous Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play events at their sole discretion. Please ask your local store for their rules/restrictions to Fleet Builds prior to attending events.