What’s the Metagame?

Team Up: Basic Action Card

Lots of teams are trying to win with a big, devastating Team Up attack. Check out these two:

Michael Phebus’s Team

Lucan O’Neal’s Team

The common factors of this team jump out immediately: they both have Team Up as their win condition, and they’re trying to combo it with Venerable Dreadnaught to remove opposing blockers. Both teams also utilize Shriek Sonic Beam as a control staple.

Each team tries to apply some additional control – interestingly enough, they were forced to choose between Scarlet Witch and Blob. Unfortunately for Andy in this matchup, in Lucan’s suite of consistency Global Abilities he has Acererak’s ability to reroll action dice. Potentially Lucan’s tools could backfire against him here if his opponents are able to capitalize on his 4 consistency Globals (Atlas, Kree Captain, Acererak, and Clayface).

Blob is incredibly well-situated in this matchup – he’s challenging to KO with Venerable Dreadnaught’s Range damage, and he’s great at removing your opponent’s most troublesome character dice.

Venerable Dreadnaught (No Team Up)

Troy Miller’s Team

Troy’s team has a lot of very efficient dice between Black Widow, Hawkgirl, and Kree Captain. With the Kree Captain Global he’ll be able to get access to powerful cards like Toad and Venerable Dreadnaught at a discount. With a huge suite of force-attack options ranging from Black Widow’s Global, Toad, and Gorilla Grodd, Troy will be able to force his opponent’s weaker dice to attack and get KO’d by dice he wouldn’t mind re-fielding like Black Widow or Hawkgirl.

Sidekick Synergy

Batman from the Harley Quinn Team Pack is relatively expensive to play, but if you have enough ramp you’ll be able to hit HARD with him. In a metagame without the Distraction or Kate Bishop Global, he’ll get to deliver huge damage. Given the popularity of control oriented villains, he’ll almost always have Overcrush too.

Charlie Cates’s Team

Batman, Atlantis, and Professor X all combo well with Sidekick dice. Polaris, Wonder Woman, and Shriek work to limit your opponent’s options. Acererak helps to counter Scarlet Witch, and Wasp helps remove blockers and possibly finish off your opponent.

While there are a few different ways to win with this team, it won’t be uncommon for Batman to do the lion’s share of the damage to your opponent, with Wasp or a stray Sidekick finishes off your opponent.