We’d like to thank all the retailers we met with at the recent Alliance Open House.  It’s always great to get together and hear what we’re doing right and what we could be doing better. One item that came up was to reenergize our Organized Play (OP) program, with particular emphasis on the yearly storyline OP.

We’ve got some early ideas that we’re pretty excited about for the 2019 program and it’ll certainly be different than what we’ve done before, but it’ll also be more exclusive. Specifically, stores will be drawn from the WizKids Information Network (WIN) pool of stores and then narrowed based on regions, attendance and performance.

We hope to unveil more details at the GAMA show in Reno (with subsequent posting afterward for those that can’t make it).  Thanks for keeping the conversation with us strong and we look forward to continuing our delivery of premium in store play programs to your store.

– The WizKids Team